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The Ill Effects of Wii Play Station Games and What to Do About It

It would appear that as much as ten people a week are increasingly being hospitalized with injuries due to playing Nintendo Wii games, prompting doctors in Britain to issue warnings of the dangers associated with the Wii game system. "There is a huge 100 percent upsurge in patients complaining of Wii-itis," says, Dr. Dev Mukerjee of Broomfield Hospital, Essex. "Most patients are admitted after playing tennis or running games which involve sudden movements, resulting in tendon stretching or tearing." "It's possible Wii-itis can lead to rheumatism or arthritis later in life.

Patients often have inflammation of the shoulder or wrist," said Dr. Mukerjee. Another common injury may be the Wii-knee, blamed on the bending of the knee from using the Wii special platform and some movements including yoga to strength-training moves. In extreme cases, the kneecap could be dislocated or pop out of joint. Doctors commonly treat Wii-knee with cortisone injections, icing, and anti-inflammatory painkillers. Treatments can last as much as three months. Additionally, it is extremely important to master proper form when first trying out a brand new sport. Novice players will develop improper stroke patterns from long haul utilization of the sports games, that may potentially effect their power to excel in those specific activities later in life.
Here are a few tips to avoid Wii-Injuries:
First: Warm up and stretch before every session and don't over exert yourself. Make sure to stretch and allow your body to cool down after each exercise.
Second: Work within your limits to acquire a good experience from the total amount board and to avoid hurting yourself.
Third: Give yourself amount of time in between games. Play games 3 or 4 times a week instead of everyday, and ensure that you pace yourself between games.
Fourth: Consult your Doctor about beginning a routine that involves different exercises and stress on the joints (specifically knees, back and elbow). Ask what suggestions he/she has regarding this type of exercise.
Fifth: The very best for last. Don't use it... log off the couch and go ride a cycle, play tennis, or find an activity you enjoy!
Finally: Realize the Wii Play Station and balance board are physical games with free PSN codes that want practice before fully exerting yourself. The Wii games are made for fun and you must find the correct balance between the fun part and the exertion part... you find yourself having a much better experience.
The Nintendo game design team wasn't content to just let us sit around and play video games on the couch. Instead they'd to invent a gambling system that produces us actually get up off the couch and maneuver around, thus exposing exactly how out of shape we've become as a society. Well you know what? Many people still lay on the couch and play the games since they're Realii lazy!
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